Unify Monitoring

Increased pressure to deliver broadcast contents across various linear and on demand platforms requires a versatile monitoring solution to maintain the highest level of quality of service and experience.

Mediaproxy seamlessly unites access to all broadcast sources via its next generation IP applications to provide an advanced set of monitoring tools.

Next Generation Tools

Explore the possibilites with our unified software-based monitoring tools. From live broadcast sources to OTT streams, our comprehensive solutions provide control from standard PCs and mobile devices.

Software-based IP Multiviewer

Monwall is a unique hybrid multi-panel live streaming application that provides powerful solutions for monitoring of live streams from broadcast and OTT sources. Panels can be configured to display proxy and native MPEG channels including associated meta data. Custom layouts can easily be configured to suit different arrangements that can be viewed via a standard client PC.

Ideal for master control room applications, presentation areas, engineering offices, foyers and executives, Monwall offers a wide range of features to suit the respective environment.

Hybrid layouts

Mix monitoring of various video, audio and meta data formats on one display including SMPTE 2022-6.

Advanced Metadata Monitoring

Dedicated Loudness, Closed Caption, OTT and DVB Subtitle panels

Event and Program Information

Accurate Present/Following event and EPG monitoring

Exception-based monitoring featuring interactive penalty boxes

Live Source Mismatch Detection

Identify and analyze content differences, even with a transmission delay. Monitor for content discrepencies and blackout periods.

OTT Stream Monitoring

The number of linear and event-based live streaming broadcasts to mobile devices are rapidly increasing. LogServer provides seamless integration with OTT sources, offering broadcasters an easy to deploy solution for handling internet based streams via built-in recording, multi-channel review and confidence monitoring.

With support for live HLS, RTMP, Dash and SmoothStreaming sources, both outgoing encoder and on-air CDN feeds can be recorded, monitored and analyzed in real-time using our comprehensive tools.

HLS, MPEG-DASH and SmoothStreaming

Looking for confidence monitoring for outgoing OTT streams as well as CDN streams? Dedicated multiviewer panels provide operators with real-time information across hundreds of ABR profiles.

Monitor Digital Program Insertion Triggers

Our applications include advanced detection, monitoring and reconciliation of SCTE-35/104 cue triggers and ad insertion messages to resolve on-air incidents effectively.

Digital program insertion (DPI) allows headends and affiliates to insert commercials and short programs into contents before delivery to viewers. Events spliced into MPEG transport streams will be automatically detected and operators are notified in real-time.

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