Your Trusted Platform for Broadcast Compliance

Ever changing regulations imposed by legislators and governing bodies require broadcasters to demonstrate the highest standard of compliance.

In just over a decade, logging has evolved from a narrow compliance role to offer monitoring and revenue generating capabilities for broadcasters, cable & satellite operators and OTT providers.

Looking for a Volicon Observer replacement? Engage with the most professional platform for compliance logging and trusted solution of hundreds of broadcasters globally including Discovery, FOX, Disney, CBS, Sony and many more.

The Global Leader For Compliance

Our robust and versatile platform has evolved to provide an extensive set of features that meet the demands of executives and engineers today. Compliant with your local regulations and providing applications across various departments, our solution offers the most reliable tools available.

Review, Search, Extract

The LogServer platform provides seamless multi-­channel recording, review and live monitoring of video, audio and real-­time data sources from 4K/HD/SD IP, SDI, SMPTE2022-6, HLS, RTMP, MPEG-DASH and SmoothStreaming sources.

Mediaproxy's leading edge desktop and mobile user interfaces provide seamless access to media via intuitive play controls as well as extensive meta data search, clip export and transcode to a wide range of formats. All across multiple distributed systems on any local or wide area network.

Accurate Caption Compliance

With many countries mandating closed caption and subtitle compliance and enforcing deviations through heavy penalties, having a reliable platform for verification and reporting has never been more important.

Mediaproxy provides extensive support for all current standards, including comprehensive decoding, reconstitution and extraction of CEA-608/708, Teletext, DVB Subtitle and SCTE-27.

Built-in integration with As-run, Traffic and Graphics logs.

Our built-in integration with your automation data sources enables efficient search to quickly identify contents by program ID or name.

Extract clips instantly to provide evidence of transmission or accuracy to advertising agencies and legislators.

Multi-format logging

Encode H.264 proxy media while recording native MPEG transport streams in parallel.

Publish to social media

Upload clips to social media accounts directly from the LogPlayer interface.

Comprehensive reports

Automated and on-demand generation of detailed compliance reports and user audits.

Program event data covered

Search and review SCTE-35/104/DTMF, EIT and EPG events seamless across multiple channels.

Record from any Source, Format and Resolution

SMPTE 2022-6
SMPTE 2110

Fully compliant with ATSC A/85 (CALM), EBU P/LOUD R128 and OP59 regulations.

Spot check loudness complaints instantly and generate comprehensive reports.

Runs seamlessly in Virtualized and Cloud environments

Our software-based solution can easily be hosted on virtual machines and Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS cloud platforms. Opening up service-driven business opportunities and minimizing capital expenditure through decentralized workflows.

Internet radio, AM, FM, DAB+, HD Radio, RF

We log it all.

Mediate Access or Plan for Redundancy

LogServer Access provides customers with a highly cost-effective option for cloud based media access, remote backup and disaster recovery for one or across a network of LogServer systems.

Media and meta data are efficiently synced to remote systems for users to be able to transparently access via the leading edge web based user interfaces.

LogServer Access is scalable to hundreds of channels on a single local server or virtual machine. It provides full redundancy without the high cost of doubling up on hardware and software and opens up new workflows across local and wide area networks, extending to mediated access from cloud based virtual machines.

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