Real-Time Broadcast Analysis

Identifying on-air incidents has become more critical than ever.

Mediaproxy provides a comprehensive suite of software-based analysis applications to help you attend to on-air issues quickly and resolve them efficiently. Employing the latest user interface technologies, complex analysis tasks are made easy and seamless, including your mobile devices.

Analyze Remote Streams Locally

Analyze live network streams and OTT from one place using our advanced tools without direct access to the full network payload over low bandwidth connections. From viewer ratings to video and audio fingerprinting, we have you covered.

Transport Stream Analysis

In addition to live and file-based MPEG analysis, our unique platform offers decentralised real-time analysis to provide low bandwidth transport stream monitoring without requiring direct network access to multicast sources.

Comprehensive Analysis

Track and analyze all MPEG sections and tables


SCTE-35 digital program insertion cue triggers and messages.

ETSI TR 101 290

Monitor and analyze ASI Priority 1,2 and 3 events.

Advanced Closed Caption and DVB Subtitle analysis

Content Matching

Mediaproxy's versatile platform includes built-in video and audio fingerprinting technologies. Perform either advanced competitive advertisement tracking analysis or reconcile audio royalties, LogServer provides a flexible built-in solution for all your content matching requirements.

Viewer ratings integration

Seamless custom integration of external viewer rating data offer users to review, compare and analyze ratings data against contents on multiple channels concurrently via a single intuitive user interface.

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